I’m basically a southern girl who let go of the people pleasing antics and embraced my “inner different breed.” I knew growing up I didn’t fit the mold of “southern belle” (although I did win the Miss 7th Grade title and had my one excruciating pageant

I loved riding horses bareback and pushing my southern roots to the limit! And yes, I WAS grounded for dancing the night away with a beautiful African American boy at a local Battle of the Bands concert! Oh well, sometimes the south still needs a little push……:)

My different breed came out again the same time my son came out as gay. Trust me…..this is not ok in a small southern town.
I decided to speak out on National Television to millions that yes…my child is gay, and you can have a beautiful relationship anyway.

Again the roots of my southern mentality tugged hard at the risk taker in me. My friends and family begged me not to do the show…fearful that there would be crosses burning in my front yard the next day. Not to worry though….only eggs on my car!

I followed my gut and my “inner different breed” and founded Is Your Child Gay, the website during the taping of this national show.
This site has answered peoples questions about sexuality for years now and I am more than blessed by it!

 I’m a lover of REAL communication and going for true desires and it shows up in all of my work, whether I am coaching or teaching. Helping others find that part of themselves that will risk the approval of others and take them to their own desires is what I do best. We do need support at times to take the chance, make the change, risk the judgement of the world and ourselves. No perfection here! Come on…risk it! Let’s expand your life to what you’ve really been asking for…..find your inner different breed!

Deborah's Hawkins Full Bio:

Master Integrative Coach and Change Catalyst Deborah Hawkins, facilitates workshops and tele-classes across the country promoting women's empowerment on all levels.
Having lost her own mother at an early age and having met with many of life’s challenges herself, she brings wisdom and insight from her own loss and grief, assisting others to discover their own strength inside.

Deborah encourages clients and coaches who work with her to embrace the change that is occurring for each one of us now, knowing that as we do, we open ourselves to the great potential inside all of us. Deborah has been considered the “Coach’s Coach” and an intuitive clearing catalyst for many.

Deborah trained for 3 years directly under best selling author, the late Debbie Ford, founder of the “ Shadow Process”  and is a former Board Member of Imago Therapy International, founded by internationally known couple’s therapist, Harville Hendrix, best selling author of “Getting the Love You Want."

Deborah is a spokes person for national equality and incorporates over 12 years in corporate banking to supporting others in the midst of massive change. 

In 2008 ABC’s Primetime 20/20 interviewed Deborah for a segment focusing on homosexuality: genetics vs. environment. The show afforded Deborah an opportunity to convey her opinion, and thus sparked her website www.isyourchildgay.com which now receives hundreds of questions from parents, young adults, family members and therapists across the country where she can assist with conflict in communication around their children’s sexuality.

Coaching website: www.Deborahhawkins.com 

Praise for Deborah’s work:
“It’s notable that Hawkins works within spiritual rather than political parameters. Her work isn’t about changing laws, it’s about changing minds: how people consider gay love. Once these minds are changed, society will be able to evolve to a place where we don’t even need to fight for political equality. It will already be done. And such a development would change the world, and certainly families, for the better. I wonder what the religious right and anti-gay lawmakers would have to say them.”  - Andrew Belonsky, AKAWilliam.com; leading LGBT news site.


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