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There are several methods and topics for which I work with people. Some of which are listed below. Of course, you can always reach out to me if you do not see your specific topic below or if you have independent questions.

With Love, Deborah


I want to be your “Change Agent”

Change - Dictionary: Alter, adjust, become different, modify, revise, revamp, reorganize, transform

This is you and where you may be

Agent - Dictionary: Instrument, vehicle, negotiator, emissary, negotiator, go-between, spokesperson catalyst

This is me: I invite you to explore a new path if change has you turned upside down or you feel stuck in in that place you've wanted out of for years.  As you adjust, revamp and transform, consider me as your emissary, your go between, your vehicle, your catalyst to help move you with more ease and joy into the new place change is taking you. Support is by far the single most important factor for transitioning from where you are to where you want to be. I would be honored to be of service in your world.

Email or contact me today for a trial session to see if we are a fit for the new place you want to be in your life.


Parenting is a part of my world that I'm so passionate about, which is why I also run a website called . This site supports parents, young adults, families and therapists who are looking for answers and insights to some of the challenges involved with raising gay children and the whole process of coming out. Whether you have just discovered your child is gay or if you are a young adult needing support around coming out to your family please take a look at this site. You will find many videos and information to encourage communication and more of a sense of ease with this controversial topic.


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